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Bangladeshi female news presenters scope

December 16, 2017
Bangladeshi female news presenters

Everybody is worried about the career. Still lots of people are sitting idle. Now many people are thinking built career in News Presentation not only male but also female because Bangladeshi female news presenters are very popular nowadays. So what do you think? Let’s think about your eligibility as a presenter? A beautiful look, a fine body, a good word, or a quick read? No, only by adapting these you will not be the presenter. To be good news presenter, need to follow some rules. Many of the prestigious profession like doctors, engineers, bankers, lawyers or teachers, are working in the presentation profession as presenter. Maybe you do not have the effort to make your dream come true, but are you trying to do the right path? If you are determined to becoming a news presenter, you may be admitted in the presentation course.

With the rise of private news channels and radio, as well as young educated people, such as studying in university, the dream of becoming a news presenter among the students has increased in the last half year and most of them are Bangladeshi female news presenters. In personal life and national life, there is no alternative as good presentation. Various departments have been started for students at the university level, such as television media, journalism, film and media, or media studies. Many people are not able to study these topics because of the lack of seats and due to excessive expenses. In order to build skilled and trained media workers in both public and private enterprises, some organizations have come forward from half a dozen people. These organizations offer short-term news presentations and various media topics.

Some of the important issues that have been reported in connection with some of the organizations that are present in the news presentation are given bellow:

What is news presentation? In general, presentations are called presentations, lessons, or beautiful representations of information. After the private television channel’s departure in 1999, news publishers began to understand the news itself and tell others by telling them. Modern news presentations are being used to describe skins and voices of events occurring in the state. Who can be admitted?

Pic of Bangladeshi female news presenters

Bangladeshi female news presenters

Students from the university, especially in the second year, will be admitted to the campus. According to Bangladesh, most of the Bangladeshi female news presenters are admitted in presenting in their second year studies. There are two or three times a year of admission. Institutional courses for child journalism will not be started yet. However, for the journalistic journalism and presentation, the private news presentation academy ‘aimed’ has been launched which is very delightful news for Bangladeshi female news presenters.

Where to be admitted? The National Media and Information Institute have one-year certificate courses, above the presentation. Two times a year, applications are invited to the information institute’s website and those interested in advertising through the magazine. Within 50 seats students get a chance to do a one-month course. This course can only be completed within 10 thousand taka. There is a 6 month Diploma Course in Bangladesh Film and Television Institute. Circulars are notified twice a year, November-December and June-July.

There are also a number of private training centers such as Target, BGMA, Jobs on One, World Call Center, Center for Presentation and Gladiology Presentation Education etc. Some Bangladeshi female news presenters and some former students of the presentation say that quality is a much better goal than others. A target News Presentation Academy is located in front of the Baylorod Ramna Police station, house no 23, beside Shaheed Munsur Ali Road. There are a total of 36 students in 12 out of three batch exams a year. Two courses of two months and six months are open. These institutions offer vocabulary, news presentation strategies, fundamental concepts of broader journalism, tennis, football, cricket balls, national and international.

The benefits should be seen before admission: Professional news studio, multimedia classroom with camera features, short-circuit cameras, keyboards presented in Bangla and English, intensive training of intensive trainers, specialized batch classes, medical outlets for medical students, and facilities for news based channels, etc. The beneficiaries receive these benefits in the government media and non-governmental academies. Since news-based channels have started to grow in the market, it is important to have the expertise in creating these by becoming a qualified journalist. How to give time to the class? For regular batch, it will be 2 days per week. 1 day academic class, 1 day practice classes. However, academic classes are mandatory for all.  How are the benefits of job?

News presenters have increased in the field of jobs with the increase in channel. Many people working in respective salaries in various NGOs, corporate houses and foreign organizations, along with earning proficiency in the presentation. But the private news presentation academy ‘target’ founder Raisul Haque Chowdhury heard differently. According to him, ‘News presentations are no longer a hobby; it is now occupational and industry. Significant opportunities for proper practice of this industry have not yet been done in Bangladesh for the students. There are a number of charcenchers for recitation, acting, but some of the handbills and theories of modern practice are available for presentation. Her claim, 17 students from 40 students in Bangladesh and the world media and within these one and a half years have joined as news presenters on various television channels. They were all trained to target. Bangladeshi female news presenters are the benefited person from this job.

How could the salary be at the beginning? News presenters do not have a rumor about salary but you could not get alluring salaries at the beginning. Understanding the channels can be a minimum of 20-25 thousand taka per month. But BBC or international media news presenter’s salaries amount a little more than this. Growth gradually after 6 months or one year, it can be 30 to 60 thousand more. As with other jobs, with the increase in efficiency, salary structure changes.   How do you get evaluation in life? Carrier’s career is a little different than the other profession. They became familiar faces of the society very easily. There is a little more chance of acquiring this profession than any other profession. So the assessment is a little different. Popular media personality Tushar Abdullah said, the media of the future is in the media. Media workers wait for the carrier’s golden days. But personality is achieved through proper media practice and there is a chance of establishing fast in social and individual lives. News presenters are a significant part of mass media. But there is a difference between journalists and presenters. If you want a journalist you can be a good presenter. Prominent filmmaker Mridul Mamun said that since news presenters are involved in various information to present the news for a specific time, they can change the medium of information if they want. Therefore, in general they are exceptionally different from the general category.

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