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Bangladeshi female news presenters what they do?

December 14, 2017
Bangladeshi female news presenters

There was a time, people were not familiar with newspaper, they didn’t know what is news presenting and how to present news in front of the world. Even before few years ago, news presenting was a profession which totally behind to the people and this profession was not seen as important to the people. But in present the scenario is totally different and nowadays many people choose news presentation as an elegant, respectable and popular profession. Though, men and women both are equally suitable for this profession but most of the time, especially women are engaged herself in this profession. In recent year, Bangladeshi female news presenters are most familiar and popular to the people. Although, news presenting seems quite difficult task but it’s also comfortable and interesting.

Most of the people see the news presenting in front of the camera or TV screen, we don’t know what are the preparation should taken a news reader in behind to the camera before sitting in front of camera. Let’s know some trick about preparation for presenting news from “Sharmin Lina”. She is a news presenter on NTV, Channel Twenty Four and RTV. According to Sharmin Lina’s preparation strategy here we concluded some trick which helps for Bangladeshi female news presenters and also help those people are thinking building career as news presenter and it also helps them to make some preparation about their future career.

Bangladeshi female news presenters Preparation before reading the news:

Before reading the news, all the presenter’s should come to the office   there hours before begins the news. According to, Sharmin Lina’s suggestion please reading the newspaper, magazine regularly for getting the idea about all trending information which helps to represent the gathered knowledge during presenting time. One another suggestion is, please try to know the important news from the news editor and mark all important news which could helps to make the planning about presenting sequences. First and foremost tips is, At first try to understand the news, visualize the whole sequences in mind and then with confident, present the news because if you do not understand what actually the news is, what is this motive and how it valuable to the audience then no one can understand to the news.

Pic of Bangladeshi-female-news-presenters

Workplace of Bangladeshi female newspresenter

Bangladeshi female news presenters Makeup room

An important part of the news reading is the dressing and makeup. Of course, a news paper will have to choose an elegant outfit – Sharmin Lina said this. He also said, “We are the first step of the news to the audience. Especially for Bangladeshi female news presenter should concern about dress up because females outlooks like ornaments, dresses are more important to make them more perfect and professional. So it is very important for our decoration to be modest. “The dress code was fixed from the office on special days. For example, we have to wear a sophisticated dress on mourning day. In addition, you will have to choose your own dressing on other days. In that case, if your taste is not standard, then the audience may be pleasantly surprised. Another thing we have to look for – that is to set the clothes in conformity with the signature color of the station.

Bangladeshi female news presenters Qualifications

It is very important to have some quality of a Bangladeshi female news presenters like accent, educational qualification, present intelligence and knowledge about current issues. You have to remember that visitors of different mentalities are watching you. If your pronunciation is not good or if there is a regional tension in the word, the entire presentation will be broken. For different purpose in various times during news live broadcasting time, may be there occurred several technical problems, many mistakes can be made when a news reader’s present intelligence is very useful. So a presenter should have ability to cover up all incidents by imposing his or her capability and intelligence. Because, without these capability, the entire news paper badly impacted and destroyed. A news presenter also ready for sudden news presentation because, if suddenly need to broadcast breaking news then presenter have to present news without any script. So if a presenter have an idea about the latest issues, it is very easy for them and useful also.

Pic Bangladeshi female news presenters

Shamim Ara Munni is presenting news in Studio

After presenting the news

After presenting the news a news presenter should concern about his or her mistake or spelling mistake during presenting time. Presenter should capable to find out the modification steps for making the full news perfect cheerful and valuable for the audience. After presenting the news a discussion should conducted with the news editor for finding the lacking of the news and news environment. When the news is over, the newsprint records the whole news once, so that the mistakes are realized and they are corrected for final session or presentation or broadcast.

Its effect in personal life

Every person’s have different personality and they engaged themselves in different profession. Every profession has unique rules and regulation. By following these rules and regulation for news presenting profession have also some rules are imposed but these are not too much restricted like others professions. Generally, in any other profession, woman should have spends almost eight hours outside to the family. But in news presenting profession, a woman should not have to go through office for a long time. So a woman can give time to her personal life and family. Along with this, other professions may also be involved himself because there is no fixed time to work here and she does not come to the office every day also. So this work is not only for women but also attractive for men.

From the perspectives of Bangladeshi female news presenter’s, News presenting is a unique and novel profession especially for women’s and nowadays many opportunities are also available for women’s to make their career in this profession. For building a prosperous carrier in this field need to know some criteria and strategy which also disclosed further post step by step.

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