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Fellowship for bangladeshi journalist

December 9, 2017
Fellowship for bangladeshi journalist

Fellowship for Bangladeshi Journalist With the change of time, human’s pervasive thinking also changing. Nowadays Youths are involving them in different glamorous profession. Within these glamorous profession, journalism or media profession is the noticeable profession. In this career have fame, goodwill, well-being, as well as brilliant life. Not only worldwide, but also in Bangladesh there is a huge field of career. Needless to say, how far the media has progressed in the 21st century? Even 15 years ago, people did not think that the media would reach this level. Its fields are not limited to newspapers or television channels, also comes in FM radio, online news magazine and online magazines. Number of TV channels in the country is now 26. Broadcasting has 20 FM and Community Radio. Thousands of large print and online media’s across the country. Recently, the media has shown interest in recruiting students of this department in the profession which can take part in fellowship for Bangladeshi journalist.

Pic of fellowship for bangladeshi journalist

Fellowship for bangladeshi journalist

To survive in the world, people have to choose a career. Journalism is a great and honorable profession in thousands of profession. However, there are many other differences between the other ten professions. To be a journalist, you have to study different subjects. It is possible to practice your taste and mind in this profession. But you must keep your eyes open and follow fellowship for Bangladeshi journalist. The biggest reward for those who came to journalism is standing beside the people. Growing power of writing is not just a journalistic profession but it will be open to your possibilities and it helps you to know fellowship for Bangladeshi journalist, even in the field of journalism. Reaching people closer and respect is your best reward. The honorable opportunity in fellowship for Bangladeshi journalist is to sit in first line of education, social, cultural and institutional events and meeting seminars is possible only in this profession. So journalism is a celebrity profession.

There are generally three online media which badly needed and help in fellowship for Bangladeshi journalist, these are:

Print Media:

Editorial Department, Administrative Department, Message Department, Reporting Division, Proof Editing Division, Photography Department, Decoration Department, Advertising Department, Promotion Department, Reference Library, Printing / Printing Division. It’s most important point to know fellowship for Bangladeshi journalist.

Electronic media:

Newspaper-reporting, news editor, joint news editor, desk reporter, news producer, news presenter, online editor, program producer, video editor, graphic designer, animator, set designer, photographer, engineering and broadcasting executive. In general, you have to know the basic journalism in any division. Also it’s important to know fellowship for Bangladeshi journalist.

Online media:

In Bangladesh there is work opportunities in print media (electronic) and electronic media, but in the field of work for the benefit of the Internet, the job opportunities have been created in another. That is – online media. Editorial Department, Administrative Division, Message Section, Reporting Division, Proof Editing Division, Photography Department, Decoration Department, Advertising Department, Reference Library. There may be more department than this. It will depend entirely on the organization.  Qualities should have for as a journalist: 1. Decision 2. Honesty 3. Personality 4. Use 5 Courage 6. Objectivity 7. Persistence 8. Non-repatriation and communication 9. Liability 10. Prudence

Educational requirement:

To work in national magazines / online / electronic media, he has to be at least an ornate or equivalent degree. However, the educational qualifications and experience are relaxed for the wages. If you are a graduate and a postgraduate on journalism you should follow fellowship for Bangladeshi journalist to make up your career  .Although there is no formal education in journalism, any course on journalism can easily be started in the journalistic profession. If you can do PGD and Masters after a successful short course, it is possible to stand on a solid foundation as a journalist. Career Course in Journalism:  It is best to get a chance to work in a national or local daily before coming to this challenging profession. Besides, currently you can be a professional journalist by doing different courses on journalism. You can send your text in different journals by course and keep sending your bio-data along with it. Now the journalism institute of Bogra (JIB) is conducting courses on journalism in Bogra, which means full Dhaka.

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