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December 9, 2017
5 Tips on journalism course in dhaka

It is best to get a chance to work in a national or local daily before coming to this challenging profession. Besides, currently you can be a professional journalist by doing different courses on journalism. You can send your text in different journals by course and keep sending your bio-data along with which give a chance to build up your career and complete journalism course in dhaka city . There are many institute whose are help to complete course in journalism profession. Let’s know who are provide journalism course in dhaka.

Journalism course in Dhaka (PIB) Admission eligibility

The applicant will have to obtain at least 2nd grade / GPA-3 grade from any National University or any other recognized university, from the minimum graduate and from SSC to undergraduate. Preference will be given to any media / advertising / public relations agency including newspapers. Jornalism course in dhaka PIB (Bangladesh  Press Institut) think,  the following documents should be submitted with the application.

Picture of journalism course in dhaka

Journalism course in dhaka

  1. Letter of letters and certificates in SSC, HSC or equivalent examination.
  2. Graduate / undergraduate level examination papers and certificates
  3. Press release of the concerned authority to participate in the course of the candidates engaged in journalism and mass communication related profession in the newspapers, advertising companies and other media organizations.
  4. Apply online through the National University website.

Journalism course in Dhaka Admission fee

The selected candidates will have to pay 16 thousand rupees a year for the admission fee.

Seat number

Total 50 But reserved seats for journalists and journalists are reserved.

Class Schedule

Three days a week from Saturday to Monday.

Teaching method

The course was organized by keeping professional journalists in mind. For this reason, the teaching method has been kept in more practical subjects than the practical classes. So that journalism course in dhaka students can learn by hand. There are special training programs on Electronic Journalism (TV and Radio) and online journalism for electronic journalism in the course.

Besides, the journalism institute of Bogra (JIB) is conducting courses on journalism in Bogra, which means full Dhaka.

JIB 3 month-long certificate course:Journalism Institute of Bogra (JIB) has a 3 month-long certificate career course on journalism, journalism, training and research institutes. The course will be very helpful for those who wish to be established in journalism as a career. It combines electronic, print and online media as an integrated course. Courses are open to all honors and equivalent labels students and other professionals. As a JIB trainer, there are more than ten appointed teachers. First class journalists of Bogra will be there. Besides, the popular personalities of the electronic and print media of the country, researchers and a number of young-old newsmen. This course has been organized in order to work as a journalist in newspapers, radio, television and online media, and no separate courses will be required. There are also arrangements for locally available newspapers and electronic media. During the course of the course, there are three certificates of certification through examination. At the end of the course, there are also opportunities for overall guidance and cooperation in the field of employment or beginner jobs in different electronic and print media according to the qualifications of the media in the media. All the students have the necessary theoretical and practical classes. There is a visual presentation system with necessary lecture sheets on every subject.

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