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Journalism study in bangladesh-the guide for all

December 9, 2017
Journalism study in bangladesh

Journalism is not the only journalistic career; Students of journalism and mass communication can create their own career in various professions such as public relations, advertising agency, film making, banking, teaching and so on. You can build a career by journalism study in Bangladesh. The scope of work for journalism and mass communication is increasing gradually.

Nowadays job opportunities are diverted in many other sources. Most of the job sector or providers are influenced by others. But this sector has opportunities to getting suitable job and it might say there are many job opportunities in this profession. However, if the current situation is somewhat faded then this situation will change soon. Apart from this, there are a lot of job opportunities in this profession. Journalism study in bangladesh can help this.

Journalism is very diverse as a profession. There are many students who want to get the taste of diversity. This job is very interesting for them. However, the degree of journalism in honors can be found only on newspaper or news channels and the jobs can be found in the advertising agency or PR agency. It is believed that, the teacher of Mass Communication and Journalism of Dhaka University and Vice-Chancellor of Daffodil International University Prof Dr. Golam Rahman and Head of Mass Communication and Journalism Department of Dhaka University Prof. Mofizur Rahman.

Pic journalism study in bangladesh

Journalism study in bangladesh

In general, there is no special employment opportunity in several areas like Bangla or English. But there are many job opportunities in journalism field. From the perspective of Bangladesh, There are lots of students with higher CGPA but they have no job and frustrated though they have higher result. Moderate students are also in trouble but middle class student have some potentiality those significance that they have the capability to cope up recent world though they have no higher CGPA. If middle-aged students are interested in communicating with the people, then they can choose a career in public relations education.

Now the question, Is there chance to involve with journalism at any study level?? The answer is, yes by getting own interest and hard working anyone can involve himself with journalism at ant study level which could started from college level. Actually, most of the time journalism attracts current high school students to prepare themselves for journalism and public relations department. Nowadays journalism and mass communication is a very popular subject. After passing the Higher Secondary exams, every year there are a long line of students for admission in the journalism department of different universities.

Though journalism study in Bangladesh is not too much familiar, but also there are about twenty universities in Bangladesh with this journalism and mass communication or journalism and media department. Among them, Dhaka University, University of Chittagong, Jahangirnagar University, Daffodil International University, Independent University, Stat University, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Stamford University is one of the leading Universities in Bangladesh.

About the extent of journalism, Professor Golam Rahman said, “Not only the newspaper or the TV channel, but in the current globalization, online journalism is also a popular medium”. As a career, the scope of journalism is increasing daily. In addition to English, regional languages ​​also have a great opportunity to do journalism. However, to choose journalism as a profession, it is not enough to just study journalism and mass communication. A successful journalist should have to work hard and intimate communication with the common man.

However, some concepts about this profession are definitely made when writing honors in journalism. Due to journalism and mass communication honors, in addition to the media house, various advertising agencies, PR agencies and even banks – it is believed that Dhaka University’s Mass Communication and Journalism Department’s Chief Professor Mofizur Rahman. He also said that, by journalism study in Bangladesh student are able to prove them as resource of the country.

Many times, to get jobs in the bank, compete with other students. For example, what are the problems faced by students of journalism and mass communication with BBA students. When asked about this question, Professor Golam Rahman said, “Those who end their honors from journalism and mass communication, do not only get the knowledge of journalism and mass communication but these students get all sorts of common knowledge, including statistics and economics. So in other professions, it cannot compete. It depends on the student’s own competence and ability.

Many of today’s established and respected journalists have come to study different topics. It is not necessary that journalism should be read to be a good journalist. However, if the matter is read, it definitely helps one to become a good journalist. Recently, the media has shown interest in recruiting the students of this department in the profession, Professor Mofizur Rahman said.

Former student of Dhaka University‘s Mass Communication and Journalism Department, Jamuna Television Staff Reporter Monirul Islam said, “The biggest advantage of this department is that you can do journalism while studying and it has demand for communication in the world. So, after completing graduation and mastering, you can work in any area of ​​communication.

Journalism and mass communication can be useful for being a teacher. Golam Rahman said, “There is a theory taught in journalism – diffusion and innovation. According to this theory, it is to be searched first by journalism study in bangladesh, why students are not admitted in government primary schools. Then apply appropriate Adoption Theory.

Primary teachers should teach how a community is built around the community and how to improve the community. The students and their guardians also want to improve the school with the community as well. For this reason, teachers should be able to apply their public relations education. So, there is a chance to start this topic from primary school to high level teacher.

Student of Journalism and Mass Communication department at Daffodil University “Enamul Haque” said, “To be honest, I did not know before admission, I can work in other profession by doing research in journalism and even during the course of study you can be able to work. Education can be done in almost all sectors by doing this.

For the sake of journalism profession, journalists need to read well-written books, and practical knowledge is also needed. So a journalist should honest, sharp and have to intellectual, intelligent, wise and capable brave qualities.

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